Wulfe, the war is getting serious, no doubt. You've done a superb job of expressing what Graham and a lot of his fellow flyers are feeling at this point.

Carrick, two flights in one day. Things are busy for Nigel and his crew.

Fullofit, I am sure Gaston will be bringing down a Hun soon, provided his own wingmen stop ganging up on his target. Greedy buggars! Another fine video,by the way.

Raine, great to learn that James is well on the road to recovery. We were all concerned about him. And quite the surprise visit by "Boom" Trenchard, eh?

HarryH, good to have you aboard. Interesting perspective you are taking with your story. I sense some flashback episodes coming.

Scout, congrats on Aleck reaching 40 hours of war flying, he's beaten the average by more than double at this point.


2nd Lt. Swanson and Captain Craig have managed only two sorties in the last four days, due to a return of the dud weather. Yesterday they were tasked with a bombing of the enemy aerodrome at Proville, which took them deep into Hunland. Swany was nervous the entire way in and back that the Le Rhône might conk on them. Thankfully, it did not. This morning was a much less concerning flight to the northeast, along the front lines at a place called Polygon Wood. They did a recce of the area and saw nothing more than some dirt being kicked up on the enemy trenches by the occasional shell lobbed over by the British big guns across at Ypers. No Hun seen in the air during either outing which was quite fine with Swany. What was also quite fine with the young airman was the return of his good chum James Collins, who was now back in camp and well along in his recovery. As had been predicted by the CO, Jim was indeed going to be left with a handsome war scar on his cheek as a result of his last aerial adventure.

The visit by General Trenchard to Auchel and his personal mention of the excellent job 2nd Lt. Swanson was doing caught our Norsk flyer totally off guard. He'd no idea his actions had been noticed by the commander of the entire RFC. Swany was beyond honored by the recognition and he wrote a great deal about it in his latest letter home, along with the fact that he was now considered an "ace". Big news for the folks back in Minnesota to be sure.

An uneventful outing.
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