Carrick, don’t keep us in suspense. Did you get it? Fingers crossed!

Lou, I think Kaiser forgot to send the memo that the Eindeckers are obsolete. Ignorance is bliss.

MFair, waiting impatiently for Drogo’s instalment.

Harry, it may look like effortless, but it’s only because of the Strutter. I couldn’t do that in a Fokker D.II.
That von Outhouse is going to be trouble. Poor Lazlo, I imagine the side of his airplane must now have an interesting camouflage. Next time Herr Halász needs to remind his “colleague” to work on his reflexes. How is he supposed to avoid getting shot if he can’t dodge a little projectile vomit? Great story Harry.

Wulfe, thanks! I’m glad I can contribute to this great experiment that is DiD.
Ah yes, Paris. The city of lights. Looks like Fullard is doing the full experience. Loving the camaraderie and can’t wait to read about all the adventures. Good thing they’re staying there for a significant amount of time. Plenty of time to get into trouble.

13 September, 1916 05:40 morning mission
Luxeuil, Alsace Sector
3 Wing RNAS
SC Tobias Chester Mulberry
15 confirmed kills
Awaiting 2 claim confirmations

Mulberry was up early for his first mission of the day. It was a simple escort of the recon machines in the ‘A’ flight piloted by Edwards and Hislop. As he passed one of the hangars he noticed the C.O. standing in the doorway taking stock of the situation. The two men greeted each other. Toby took a peek inside the hangar and whistled. “- Are these the new Nieuports?! When do we get to fly them?” Toby was excited as a schoolboy.
“- Calm down, Mulberry. These aren’t for you. L’Escadrille Americaine is coming back to share the ‘drome with us. These are theirs.” ‘Daddy’ put a damper on Mulberry’s excitement.
“- Great! First the Canadians, now the Americans.” Toby was crestfallen. “- How do they even get here? Was there a bridge built over the Atlantic I don’t know about?” The young pilot resumed his lonely walk. He needed to get ready for his mission.
They didn’t get very far. Toby noticed the puffs of the ack-ack in front of him as soon as he was airborne. A tercet of Eindeckers was descending upon the Strutters. Toby turned into them and banked hard after they’ve passed overhead, losing them temporarily from view in the process. He found two of the Fokkers attacking Edwards. Where was the third one? He looked back and the hair stood on its ends. Jesus Christ! The third Fokker was right behind him sitting on his tail and about to send Toby to meet his maker. Mulberry reacted quickly and dove while kicking the rudder and deploring his craft to turn faster. He was safe ... for the moment. As he executed his emergency maneuver, a green Fokker came into view and Toby followed. He checked behind to make sure the Fokker in the back was not there. He wasn’t there. Toby turn back to the front and fired on the greenie. The Hun dove and banked. Exactly the same move Mulberry executed just a few seconds ago. The British pilot followed but was immediately fired upon by another Eindecker from below. He banked harder. The green Fokker came into view again and then the one that has just fired on him. This time Toby returned the favour. More turning, more banking. At some point both Fokkers came across Mulberry’s gun. He took the opportunity to fire on both then stuck to the green one. He knew the other Fokker can’t bother him now. He continued to chip away at the enemy. The engine began to smoke and finally the terrified pilot’s body became limp and disappeared inside the cockpit. Toby had no time to make sure it wasn’t a ruse. The last Fokker was already rounding the “corner”. But to Toby’s surprise the German was not trying to get on his tail. He was turning tail and scampering for home. Mulberry followed. It took one burst to hit the wing, which collapsed and sent the hapless Hun into the ground. There was no one else airborne. Toby exhaled and looked around. Two craters were smoking around the Luxeuil aerodrome. There was a third one. After landing, Toby found out FL Hislop didn’t make it. He was attempting an emergency landing when the Fokkers showed up. He was too far beyond the airfield and caught the telephone wires. FC Edwards was shot up but managed to land and break the landing gear. Toby filled out two claims. He knew the artillery boys would want a piece of it too.

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"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."