Raine and Lou, played by a women! I didn’t see that one coming. While I feel Swany is safe for the moment, I feel for James and his new assignment.
Carrick, sorry for the loss of your flight mate.

Fw Drogo Dorn
Spincourt Field
Oct. 4, 1916

A beautiful day after last nights festivities. Goering, Dorn and Aumann were tasked with taking down a balloon east of Verdun. The flight to the target was calm with no contact. Aumann, the newest member of the Jasta was on Dorns left. He had been instructed to dive last and follow Dorn. Approaching the balloon, Goering wagged his wings and dove. Dorn followed but soon heard something pop and eased up on the stick. He saw Aumann flash past him way too fast! As Dorn pulled up the balloon exploded, no doubt from Goering’s fire. He fell in with Goering but could not see Auman anywhere. He knew what had happened. Aumann’s smiling face would not be at mess tonight.

Back at Spincourt they learned John’s and Hummel were missing from Kette Eins. Marconnay said they had tangled with some Nieuports. Later that night word came through that they were both killed. Things can change fast, thought Dorn. Three new pilots transferred in. All with 1 combat mission apiece. Also Dorn’s other balloon was confirmed bringing his total to 7 but he did not care much at the moment. Tomorrow will be another day.

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