Hasse, Swany a Red Tab? I doubt that one, can't imagine the Brits wanting to be told what to do by an American.

MFair, it should be interesting.

Fullofit, Toby is just a non-stop Eindecker wrecker. Not sure why the Hun down in his AO even bother to send them up anymore. Super vids as always. As for what politicians think - who knows.

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23 September 1916
Fienvillers, France

Moods are sullen around 70 Squadron as their losses continue to mount. Two of the new replacements along with one of the new Strutters were lost yesterday shortly before dusk during a test flight. The engine conked just after take-off and the green pilot made the fatal mistake of trying to turn back. He stalled out and smashed into the earth not a hundred feet from the end of the runway. Bloody waste. Add to that the loss of another crew and plane first thing this morning during C Flight's recce of the lines north of Bapaume. They were caught by three of the new Albatros and did not fare well at all.

Captain Swanson led two patrols. The first resulted in the downing of a Halberstadt biplane near Flers with all crews of A Flight making it home unscathed. The second was less fruitful when, again, they were jumped by several of the Albatros scouts over Delville Wood. The ensuing furball ended in a draw with both sides flying away to their respective camps, their various mounts fairly shot up. Swany managed to coax his bus back to Fienvillers before the engine died and he had to glide it down dead-stick. The new Clerget the mechanics had fitted several days ago was proving to be a real dud.

A go-round that eventually ended in a draw for all concerned.
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