Lou, Mulberry a teatotaler? What’s next? You want him to wear a skirt too?
That sounds rather dangerous what Swany is doing. Going against enemy’s superior numbers is one thing but flying without petrol is just irresponsible. Glad everyone made it back safely. I also think those troops in the trenches should be taught a lesson. Next time a Hun flies this low, don’t shoot it down, just claim it. Les Poilus won’t be able to steal that one from you. Great shots as always!

MFair, sorry to hear about Mock. But I say better him than Drogo. Now, concentrate on wringing all the performance from that Fokker and stay alive. Hopefully even better planes are on the way.

21 September, 1916 06:00 morning mission
Luxeuil, Alsace Sector
3 Wing RNAS
SC Tobias Chester Mulberry
17 confirmed kills

The flaming Fokker has been confirmed. It seems it is easier to find witnesses when your enemy is a huge ball of fire in the air.

This morning Armstrong and Pellyn from the ‘A’ flight directed fire over St. Dié. Toby and his wingman, Knight were making sure the ‘A’ flight could operate undisturbed, by flying top cover. From the distance they could see two Fokkers approaching to interrupt their mission. Mulberry and Knight came down on the Huns from above before they could do any damage. Toby picked the trailing Fokker but as he got closer he realized he would overshoot him, so he quickly switched to the leader. He filled the monoplane full of lead and the pilot as well. The plane took a nosedive with no hope of recovery. Mulberry saw then another Eindecker harassing Armstrong in the ‘A’ Flight. He quickly got on his tail and began the process anew. The Hun took extreme amount of punishment, but remained afloat. Toby’s impatience grew rapidly and he kept the trigger squeezed for too long. The gun jammed. Mulberry cursed. The Vickers continued to stay silent as the young Ace struggled with it, keeping the wounded Hun in front of him. Finally the breech was clear. Toby renewed his attack and brought down his second Hun. He exhaled and watched as a pale trail of smoke followed the dead Hun to the ground. Art flew nearby and waved his thanks. As Toby waved back he noticed more monoplanes ready to attack. One of them was in front of him. As the two machines merged, Toby let a burst when the enemy passed overhead and immediately turned after him. Another turn, another Fokker made his presence known. Toby fired, he saw the Fokker wobble and then dive. Was this last salvo fatal? He would never know, Toby was already turning to clear the new Hun off his tail. Mulberry slipped behind the German machine and that’s when his wingman showed up out of nowhere, pushing his way through and adding to the confusion. Knight having realized what he had done moved away, giving Mulberry space to continue with the chase. The German pilot was good, never giving Toby a clear shot. They sparred lower towards the ground with the ruins of the city coming closer into view. The Eindecker continued to evade by attempting to escape under the Strutter’s fuselage, but Toby kept him in view constantly. Eventually the Boche ran out of height and in desperation tried to out-climb the Strutter, but as soon as he raised his nose, Toby had him in his sights and firing. That was it for the valiant pilot. His machine failed him and he drove the stricken bird down into the mud below. There wasn’t much to look at. A big crater with parts of the plane strewn about. The end of another of Kaiser’s finest.

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"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."