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Feldwebel Drogo Dorn
Martincourt, Verdun
Sept. 22, 1916
At 4:30 am, Kette Zwei was on patrol southwest of Verdun. They had patrolled for 30 minutes with no contact when Marconnay signaled to head back. North of Verdun as they crossed over the lines, Marconnay pulled up and left with Drogo and Mayer following. Drago spotted the 2 Coudrons headed south. They closed the distance fast. Marconnay took one and Drago and Mayer took the other. Drogo made the first pass and the big machine tumbled like a stone from the sky. Drogo marked the spot on his map and they returned to Martincourt in high spirits. Marconnay was not so happy as his got away.

After lunch they were off again to Verdun to take down a balloon. Over NML 3 Nieuports dove on the trio. Drogo scored hits on one during the first pass but one quickly pounce on his tail. Drogo turned right as hard as he could making the Nieuports shot miss. High each circle and pass Drogo moved the fight further north and once back over the lines he headed home alone. Mayer and Marconnay soon landed. It had been a close call. Kette Zwei had got the sausage so the mission was a success.

Drogo’s Caudron was confirmed making him an ace and the highest scoring pilot in Jasta 7.

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