Fullofit, congratulations on Gaston's promotion and, better still, on his move to the single seater scout. Now the fun begins!

MFair, it looks like Jericho exacted some vengeance yesterday too. Well done!


It was another beautiful morning for flying at Auchel, however 2nd Lt. Swanson and Captain Craig got to enjoy very little of it. They were tasked with another bombing of enemy positions, this time over at Vimy, but about 30 minutes into the sortie the Le Rhône in their bus started making a gawd-awful grinding noise and Swany had to turn around. He set back down at the aerodrome after shutting off the dud engine and gliding home. Shortly after their return Swany and the Captain were called to Major Harvey-Kelly's office. The CO wanted to ask them about yesterday's sortie when the Lieutenant had dropped out of his flight to attack the Eindecker.

"I'm sure you saw that the lone Frenchman had bitten off more than he could chew by going after two Eindeckers on his own and you were only coming to his aid", the Major stated calmly. "That is correct gentlemen, is it not?"

Captain Craig smiled as he answered in agreement with the Major's assessment. He knew precisely where the CO was going with this.

Swany was not as quick to pick up on the gist of it and gave an uneasy "Yes Sir".

"Ah, that's fine then", the Major replied. "I was sure it was that and not something like an act of vengeance for the wounding of your friend, Lieutenant Collins, because using the King's property for personal business or to settle scores would be a fairly serious matter. Plus, such actions put one's flight mates and one's self at unnecessary risk."

The statement made Swanson shift his weight nervously from one leg to the other as he stood in front of the Major's desk.

"So no worries then, we understand each other perfectly on this point." The Major grinned as he added, "And good job on knocking down another Hun, you gentlemen were given credit for yesterday's claim."

Swany breathed a barely audible sigh of relief as his muscles relaxed, then asked the question. "How is Lieutenant Collins doing, have you heard Sir?"

"I've been told he will make a full recovery and will have a hell of a scar on his cheek to show for it", the Major assured. "He will be a hit with the young ladies, I should think."

"Thank you Major." Swany felt as if a weight had been lifted from him, he'd been worried sick about his friend. "Do you know where they've sent him Sir?"

"Not yet. One of the hospitals in St. Omer I imagine, but I'll let you know." The CO added one more thing before dismissing the two men. "Swanson, you've only been with us for two months at this point, but in that time you and the G/Os you've flown with have been responsible for five confirmed victories. That is a damned fine record, and because of that I will be recommending you for a citation. No guarantees of course but I wanted you to know. I'm proud of you." The Major stood, came around from behind his desk, and shook the young airman's hand. "Keep up the excellent work, Lieutenant."

Swany was taken aback. He stammered out a, "Tank you, Sir. I vill doo my best", his Norsk accent coming on full force.

The CO gave a laugh, "I'm sure you will, and you can relax lad. And you best have your wallet at the ready tonight in the mess, I've a hunch you will again be required to buy drinks for us all. You're an ace now, my boy."