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Lt. Mark Jericho
Auchell Aerodrome

Jericho had heard of Swany getting wounded shortly after debriefing. Walking back to his hut he was not in a cheerful mood. If not for the good work of his gunner, Christian, he may not even be here. Now to find out his hut mate was in the hospital was a bit much. As he entered the hut he saw a batman with Swany's fiddle. "Get your godd#@m hands of that Stewart!" yelled Jericho.

Stewart turned with a start. "I'm sorry Sir! I was just arranging the Lieutenant's things for when he returns Sir!" Jericho stormed over and took the case from Stewart. "I'll take care of Swany's kit while he is away! Now get the h#ll out of here!" Jericho said. "Yes Sir! Pardon Sir!" Stewart said as he made a hasty retreat out the door. Jericho lay the case on Swany's bunk and opened it to make sure it was ok and then slowly closed it back, arranging it on the center of the bunk. He took off his flying kit and started to lay down when there was a commotion outside. "What in blazes now!" Jericho said to himself as he walked back out of his hut. What he saw made him laugh out loud. One of the airmen was coming across the field on a horse at a full gallop! Swany marveled at the beautiful Sorrel. The tragedy was the poor airman was hanging on for dear life! He finally managed to bring the horse to a stop at the end of the field. Everyone on the field was laughing hysterically. Jericho trotted over to the panting airman holding the reigns of the horse. "What seems to be the problem Captain?" Jericho asked.

"When they started the engine on that Morane this bloody animal went crazy! He is supposed to be a retired cavalry horse, I thought they were used to anything!" the Captain replied.

"Well he might be to gunfire and such but obviously he hasn't ever been around flying machines is my guess. It's something new to him. Mind if I give him a try?" Jericho asked.

"Be my quest Lieutenant if dying in the air does not suit you! the Captain replied as he handed the reins to Jericho.

"Thank you Sir" replied Jericho as he rubbed the wild eyed horse's neck. Jericho looked over the animal. It was one fine mount. At least 16 hands and big boned with a very intelligent look. He kept rubbing the gelding and talking to it until it had calmed down and his ears were turned to Jericho and not the idling Morane on the field. At that Jericho moved to the horses side and put his weight in the stirrup and stood up still rubbing the horse's neck. After a minute Jericho eased over into the saddle and relaxed, still rubbing his neck. "That's my boy, no one's going to harm you here. You want to go see what that big nightmare is over there?" Jerico asked the horse. With that he nudged the horse into a walk back to the Morane. When they got within 20 yards of it the big gelding came to a dead stop with ears forward and nostrils flared. He stood for a second and went to turn around. When he did Jericho kept him going in a circle until the horse was facing the Morane again. This went on three times until the horse stood facing the Morane. Jericho reached down and rubbed the horses neck again. After a few minutes the horse started to relax his head. When he did that Jericho nudged him again with his heels. The big gelding went a little closer and the same circus started again. After a few starts and stops they were within 5 yards of the Morane. Jericho turned him away from the Morane and trotted him up and down the edge of the field for a few minutes and then went back to the Morane. The gelding hesitated a little but walked up to it until Jericho stopped him.

By this time everyone on the field was watching the show. Jericho walked the mare over to the Captain and dismounted. "He sure is one fine mount Sir" Jericho said as he rubbed the horse from neck to flank. "That was something to see Lieutenant!" the Captain said.

"Well Sir. He just needed to get a look at it. A horse will stop where it feels safe. You just keep making him face it but don't force him to get any closer than he wants until he feels like it. Is he yours Captain?" Jericho asked.
"I acquired him for the squadron Lieutenant. I thought it might be a good diversion while not flying" the Captain said.
"Well your right there Captain. I don't know of anything better to put a man's mind right than a good horse. What's his name?" Jericho asked.
"I have no idea Lieutenant. What would you like to name him?" asked the Captain.

Jericho stood back and looked over the big Sorrel. How about Moon, Sir?"
"Moon?" the Captain asked with a quizzical look.
"Yes Sir. He looks like he should be called Moon to me Sir" Jericho replied.

"Well Lieutenant. Moon it is" the Captain replied.

Note: If anyone is interested that is horse 101 for "horse boogers"

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