Keith Cunard Mallory
Sgt, Rfc
29 Sqn, Ablee AF.

April 21, 1916.

War doesn't seem to be fun. I got shot down today. 29 Sqn had 6 a/c up covering 2 seat types over the lines Mix it with 2 monoplanes coming up from port. I dropped down and circled until I was setting on the tail of one. I started to move closer when the 2 e/a that I hid not seen opened fire on me the ship took a few hits as I tryed to get away. They just sat back there taking turns firing at my kite. As we twisted and turned, my fuel tank took hits. The pair pulled off and headed home as I landed among a lot of tree stumps ripping off one wing. Finally amid a dust cloud , I came to a stop. After a long walk, I found a Road and later a Truck came by.

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