Fullofit, great video. I would suppose your victory is a bit bitter sweet seeing your friend go down like that. We will all witness more of this as time goes on.

Wulfe, you will be biggest toad in the pond Sir! Great reading.

Lou, I’m ready to eat! And yes, Jericho needs to check his temper but he can’t help it. Jericho is based on Fredrick Libby. A cowboy who flew for the RFC. He led one heck of a life. His book “Horses don’t Fly” is a great read. Raine turned me on to it. Jericho is also a bit of myself at his age. Luckily, I learned to keep my mouth shut and don’t piss off those who have the power. Jericho will too if he lives long enough. I dare say much quicker than I!

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