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Lt. Mark Jericho
Auchell Aerodrome
Feb. 7th, 1916

A few days ago the Major had called Jericho into his office. When he arrived there was another Lt. in the room. He was about Jericho's age and well built with a cheerful face. The Major spoke immediately. "Lt. Jericho this is Lt. Christian. He will be your new observer. With our losses lately I am placing Captain Whorton with a less experienced pilot."

Jerico was a little taken aback but recovered quickly. "Yes Major" he replied.

With that the Major motioned the two to the door saying "I'm sure you two have a few things to discuss."

Jericho and Christian left the office. "How many hours do you have Lt.?" Jericho asked.

"15. And please call me Robert if that is fine with you." Christian replied.

"Alright by me" Jercho replied. "You can call me Mark. Lets find a place where we can discuss signals and such. The Huns have been really pesky lately. Are you a good shot?"

"I've scored very well on the range. I have not had the chance to see how I do on a real machine in a fight."

Jericho tried to hide his surprise. "Well Pard, I'm sure we will find out soon enough."

That afternoon Jericho walked over to James's new "ready shack." He walked up to Swany and James. "Well boys, I got me a brand new observer! 15 hours and never been in a fight! Seems like a good sort but we'll see. I sure hate to lose the Captain even though he could'd hit his butt with both hands. Can't tell you how many times I put him in a perfect position and all he ever did was knock off a few feathers. Good man though."

"Well good luck to you old boy. Who knows, he may be a crack shot!" replied James.

The night before Jericho's 1st flight since his slight wounding he had discussed tactics with Swany. Swany had given him some pointers on how to deal with multiple Fokkers. "Turn into them staying level and give your observer a a shot as they pass over but all the while keep inching west. Whatever you do, don't try to out climb them. They will beat you every time" Swany had told him.

"What about three of the bandito's?" Jericho asked.

"Bandito's?" Swany asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"Bandito's! Bad men! The d*#mn Fokkers Pard!"

"Oh, ya! You might want to start praying then!" Swany replied laughing.

Jericho and his new observer flew 2 missions on the 5th and 6th. His observer seemed to do well but as they had no contact with the enemy he had not been tested yet.

On the 7th, their flight of 2 machines took off at 1200 hours to bomb Athies Junction. 2 DH2's from 24 squadron were to be escorts. Jericho could not wait to see one of the new fighters he had heard about. The flight circled at the rendezvous point but the DH2's never showed. "This sure is a bad start" Jericho thought. Nearing the target, Jericho could see 4 machines and he knew it was the 1st flight in combat over the target. He warned Christian and concentrated on staying in formation. As they drew closer he could see 2 Fokkers and the other 2 Moranes of their squadron. Just before his arrival the Fokkers broke off and the two Moranes flew by heading west. One of them was smoking badly. The Archie was light and they had a good drop on the target and headed home without any further contact.

Arriving back at Auchell Jericho could see them removing the observers from the other 2 Moranes. As the ambulance sped away his mechanic told him that both pilots had been nicked, one observer killed and his friend Capt. Whorton was badly wounded.

Jericho turned to Christian pointing to the ambulance in the distance. "Let's hope your a good shot Robert, cause that will be you, me, or both if you can't drive those blasted Germans off."

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