Carrick, it wouldn't surprise me a bit to learn those three are in charge of claims processing.

Fullofit, Gaston is seeing some of the worst of the war there at "The Devil's Anvil". Verdun right now is Hell on Earth, no doubt of that. Love that screenshot looking over the gunner's shoulder.

MFair, Jericho and his G/O did a nice job on both that aerodrome hit and on sending their Hun attacker down. Here's hoping they get their claim approved.

Swany was very pleased this morning to have not only a beautiful winter's morning to fly in, but also a quiet one sans Eindeckers. He and Captain Craig and the rest of B Flight were sent over to bomb the Boche aerodrome at Phalempin. Winds aloft were fairly stiff and it threw off everyone's aim so that all they managed was to make a few craters in the snow. This was the only disappointment of the outing though and if it would be like this tomorrow Swany would be quite fine repeating the whole sortie, hopefully with better luck on getting their eggs on the target. At breakfast the 2nd Lieutenant learned that he and the Captain's claim from yesterday had been denied due to lack of visual confirmation. No surprise there. This makes 3 confirmed victories and 4 denied claims for our Norwegian-American from Minnesota which, given the fact he's only been at the front for little more than seven weeks, is more than amazing. He wonders often why he in particular is such a favored target with the Hun fliers.

A beautiful day for flying.
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