Your knowledge of Maj D.R. Seuss's work reminded me of some of the other lesser-known poets of WW1. In grade 3 I had to memorize Joyce Kilmer's 1913 poem "Trees" , and recite it "with actions." It scarred me for life. Few people know, however, that Kilmer's kid brother Royce volunteered to fly in the RFC and did a little creative writing himself. Here is a sample oeuvre...

by Royce Kilmer

I think that I shall never see
A grid ungainly as a Fee.

A Fee whose frigid tub is thrust
Into high Hunland’s wintry gust;

A Fee whose slightest jink or zoom
Throws observers to their doom;

A Fee whose Beardsmore sits astride
A painter’s ladder on its side;

With these devices must we try
To frighten nasty Albatri.

What form of man could thus decree
The R.A.F. to make a Fee?