Carrick, congrats to Emile on his new kite. The N11 is a wonderful plane to fly.

Scout, clear skies, both in terms of weather and enemy planes, are always appreciated. Plus, Aleck gets to enjoy those clear skies in a DH.2, the lucky bugger!

Lederhosen, that is the standard livery of the N11s of Esc.65.

Fullofit, too bad about the dud engine on Gaston's latest outing. But at least he set his mount down in one piece, so there is that.

Wulfe, it is exciting and a bit nerve wracking when one gets to lead the flight. A wash-out is not so much fun though, but what can you do about the weather.

MFair, a dud engine for Jericho too, eh? Must be something in the air. And I remember reading about that incident with the cable and hook - such a foolish waste of men and machine.

Raine, thanks for the bling! Swany will wear it proudly.


5 April, 1916
Bertangles West, France
3 Squadron, R.F.C.
2nd Lt. Randolph Arvid Swanson, MC and Bar
10 confirmed victories

2nd Lt. Swanson has had an outstanding day. The weather was beautiful and there was not a Hun to be seen in the skies on either the morning or afternoon sorties, both of which he was tasked to lead. The first outing was a bombing run on the Hun aerodrome at Bertincourt, ten miles behind the lines and no escorts to keep watch. It was a tense trip that far beyond No Man's Land without cover, but the two Moranes of B Flight made it there and back with nothing more than some Archie to contend with. They even managed to set three tent hangars on fire. The second sortie was a recce of the enemy lines south of Guillemont. Again, Archie came calling, but apart from that, no excitement. Captain Rankin was particularly pleased as it meant a fairly smooth and level ride on both occasions. After landing and reporting in from the afternoon mission the Major informed his star pilot that he had been awarded the Bar to the Military Cross for the outstanding work he had been continuing to do with No.3 Squadron. Swany was dumbstruck at the announcement. A second award, and in little more than three months at the front!

"You'll need to find a rosette to fit to that ribbon on your chest, my boy", the Major noted in a cheery tone, then pausing for a moment continued. "You know, I may just have one here you can make do with until you have a chance to buy your own." The CO rummaged through the top drawer of his desk and after several seconds produced the needed item. "Yes, success, here it is!" He handed the small silver flower to Swany.

"I, ah, yes Sir - thank you Sir - thank you very much", the young airman stammered, still taken aback by the news.

The CO laughed, then shook Swanson's hand. "No need to be so shocked by it Lieutenant, you are most deserving of the honour. You will of course be expected to buy the first round after dinner tonight."

Swany gave a broad smile as he answered, "Of course, sir. It vill be my pleasure!"


An outstanding day.
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