Carrick, you and I both know she's not German, besides she sleeps with her brother.

Harry, that's some hunting! I cringe when I see Lazlo shooting down those Strutters. Good thing there are no Halbs around this part of the woods. Me thinks your pitch is too sensitive and crikey! that's some fierce archie!

26 September, 1916 05:50 morning mission
Luxeuil, Alsace Sector
3 Wing RNAS
SC Tobias Chester Mulberry
22 confirmed kills
Awaiting 1 claim confirmation

Toby’s wingman, Flight Sub-Lieutenant Rick Knight was listed as missing. The Canadians were speculating as to his demise. The odds were he’d come down behind enemy lines shot down or wounded. Some hoped he survived and was taken prisoner. Toby wished they were all wrong and Rick was safe and sound in Switzerland.
Draper and Colburn were assigned to arty spotting duties north of St. Dié. Mulberry was to accompany and keep an eye on the two-seaters. The buses were approaching the lines and just further ahead a pair of Fokkers down below was making a run for the lines. Toby dove and picked up speed to catch the pair before they get to the relative safety of their trenches. One of the Huns decided to slow Toby down and engaged. “- It may save your wingman’s life but not yours.” Toby felt confident of his odds against that Eindecker. The Hun fired first and bullet holes appeared in the Strutter’s canvas. This only made Mulberry angrier. He was on the monoplane faster than Whiskey on ground beef. There was no contest and the German pilot finished his career somewhere near a farmer’s field just north of St. Dié.

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"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."