Lederhosen, I thought WoFF was THE reason to get away from the wife and kids, especially when they’re around 24/7. biggrin

Robert, my technique is to pounce on the poor, unfortunate sod that is flying lower than me.

Carrick, you speak as if your pilot were already dead. Have some faith.

11 January, 1918 10:45
Saint-Loup-en-Champagne, Marne Sector
Jasta 19
Oberleutnant Zygmunt Dolf Hahn EK2 EK1 HHO PLM AO RA
111 confirmed kills

3 of the Amerikaner SPADs have been confirmed.
Hahn knew exactly what this was. The HQ called in about a large formation of enemy planes that was spotted crossing No-Man’s Land and heading towards Saint-Loup. It was a retaliatory action sanctioned after yesterday’s raid Zygmunt’s Jasta executed near Chalons. Sleet or no, the Albatrosen were now rising through the clouds to defend their aerodrome. Ziggy saw them first as they were coming from the south, hoping to be masked by the sun. HQ was right, it was a large formation. He counted eight enemy machines to his own six. Outnumbered or not, he banked to meet the enemy head on. Their leader peeled off and turned back. Well, that would make the odds a bit easier to handle. Something seemed wrong. The reminder of the still large formation was not attacking. Instead, they curved around and presented their rears to Ziggy’s Schwarm. What else could he ask for? Without thinking he targeted the rearmost machine and prepared to send it to hell. He was about to open fire when out of the corner of his eye he caught Flak explosions. The enemy formation leader was back and targeting the Schwarm. Ziggy reacted automatically and broke off his attack to evade the incoming SPAD. It was the same red machine from few days ago. He outfoxed Zygmunt last time and he was about to do it again. The Red Leader blasted by, missing Hahn’s formation. What Zygmunt didn’t realize was that it wasn’t the Frenchman’s aim. He was a distraction. When Zygmunt turned his Schwarm around to face the red SPAD, he exposed his rear to the entire enemy formation that was already turning to intercept. They were now engulfed in a SPAD swarm. The red scout was now forgotten and a battle with two other Franzosen commenced. Him and another Albatros were kept busy by a pair that worked well protecting each other while attacking the German planes. But the stalemate didn’t last long and Zygmunt exploited a mistake one of the SPADs committed by losing too much height in a turn. Instead of following his target, Zygmunt remained high and waited for the perfect moment to strike. The enemy plane had nowhere to hide. Hahn’s guns found their target easily and the SPAD was soon diving to escape the punishment. Zygmunt was not about to let him go and remained stuck to the French machine’s tail, continuing to fire until it crashed into the ground. He was by himself now and was quickly scanning the skies for more targets. He found two dots dancing nearby and decided to investigate. As he got closer he realized one of his men was battling with the Red Leader. Ziggy could feel the corners of his mouth curl up. He would not let this Schwein get away with it this time. He continued to track the two planes twisting around each other. Zygmunt arrived as the SPAD performed another evasive maneuver close to the ground. Hahn’s Albatros swooped down to engage. He saw Mallman making another attempt to bring the enemy down, but it was up to Ziggy to finish the job. He had the red plane in his sights and soon his tracers were stitching the crimson canvas. The pilot in the SPAD put up a valiant effort to avoid the onslaught but it was hopeless. Soon the Red Leader was falling out of control on the edge of the aerodrome which he came to attack. Zygmunt scanned his surroundings for more targets, but the skies seemed free of enemy planes. The mission was over now and all Albatrosen proceeded to land.

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Fuchs walked into the Kasino in a foul mood. He kicked one of the chairs, which flew across the floor and crashed against the wall. Tybelsky looked up and asked: “- Are we starting the party early today?”
“- Nein!” Rudi shrugged and plopped on a chair beside Albert.
“- Well? Spill! What’s eating you?” The older pilot put his arm around Fuchs’ neck.
“- I shot down two SPADs today during that raid. One of them on fire, but the stubborn donkeys at the claims office won’t accept my claims without witnesses. How is anyone supposed to witness anything in this snow? I could barely see them myself!” Rudolf was livid.
“- Maybe that is it? Maybe you thought you saw them?” Tybelsky was trying to reason.
Fuchs reacted with the most venomous hiss which made Tybelsky remove his arm away from around Rudi’s neck.
Instead he slapped him on the back. “- Come, let me buy you a drink. No, two drinks. One for each SPAD.” Fuchs waved the offer away.
“- Look, that’s just the way it is. Take Zygmunt for example. If they accepted each of his claims he’d have ...” Tybelsky looked expectantly at Hahn.
Ziggy did a quick calculation in his head and responded: “- Two hundred.”
“- There, two hundred.” Tybelsky paused for a second and looked back at Hahn. “- Two ... hundred?” His voice full of disbelief.
Zygmunt looked back at him and nodded an affirmative.

"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."