MFair, looks like Drogo survived the scourge. Now, to get used to the new ride and start paying back. There should be plenty of opportunities to do just that.

Carrick, we have a spy on our side? What does she look like? I know it’s a secret, so how about one of those irresistible disguises?

Wulfe, great detective work on figuring out what Chesty’s personal marking was all about. Looking forward to seeing that N.17 with the “F” on the fuselage in action. And great piece of history with the Seminole insignia and fine pictures to go with it. Now, waiting for that rain to go away ... (Is Whiskey chewing on a paintbrush?)

Lou, Toby in a Nieuport? No way! It’s been forbidden, and yet ... the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.
Now, Swany hasn’t been sitting on one of those Savage Arms Co. crates by any chance? Hopefully he will one day learn to go east and west as well wink
Good to hear the squadron is replenishing its strength.

Raine, oh please, please! Let Alex’s plan involve some naughtiness, like streaking across Buckingham Palace front lawn!

20 September, 1916 05:50 morning mission
Luxeuil, Alsace Sector
3 Wing RNAS
SC Tobias Chester Mulberry
16 confirmed kills

The past few days went by fast. The constant rain prevented the squadron from any air strikes. The time was spent on drinking and playing, drinking, writing letters back home, drinking, visiting the Americans in their hangars as they fussed over their new machines, drinking, getting to know his new wingman, drinking with the Canadians, drinking with the Americans, drinking with his new wingman. Flight Sub-Lieutenant Rick Knight was fresh out of school and excited to start flying, or as he put it: “Get at the Hun.” Toby didn’t know what advice to give his wingman. It is true he was now a Squadron Commander, but up until now his plane was the only element in his flight and he had only himself to command. This morning the weather improved slightly, but not enough to be deemed flyable, so the Americans went merrily back to painting their mounts with chopped off Indian heads. The Canadians on the other hand decided that the weather was good enough to fly in and went about preparing for the sorties.
Toby’s flight was tasked with escorting the ‘A’ flight to spot for the artillery west of Mulhouse. The trip to the lines went without a hitch, but as soon as they arrived on station, they spotted 3 shapes below. Mulberry gave signal and they descended on them. Knight sped up, eager to get at the enemy. Toby let him pick his target and went for the single one that seemed like he was intending to get on his wingman’s tail. He attacked him, but soon had to disengage and go after another one that was taking pot shots at his Strutter. He followed him in a dive and stuck with him through the rest of his maneuvers, hitting him whenever he came close to crossing his gunsight. Mulberry nearly had him but had to disengage again - Toby noticed his wingman was in trouble. One of the remaining Fokkers continued to give him grief. The two Eindeckers Toby’s been battling suddenly disappeared and he could concentrate on the last one following Knight. He was gaining on them. The monoplane continued to grow in his sights. He fired and the Eindecker disengaged freeing his wingman to make his escape. Mulberry continued to fire at the Hun, getting closer and closer. More rounds begun to land on the target and as the German bird disappeared under Toby’s fuselage, it caught on fire. By the time the Strutter made a 180 degree turn, the monoplane was diving into the ground. Toby didn’t feel any remorse this time. A terrible death to be sure, but fair. Fallen during the battle with weapon in hand. Anyone of them could have ended like this. Anyone of them still can...

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"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."