Agreed. Ambrose certainly could have escaped capture and recrossed the lines with his observer, though 6 or so miles is a pretty good distance. In fact, that's how I'll write it on the Monday letter to Alice. A harrowing tale of evasion and escape, perhaps.

It's just odd - I am almost certain I've been forced down with other pilots fairly close to the lines - even closer than 6 miles in enemy territory. And it's always resulted in at least a couple/few days in a POW camp before I escape. And sometimes it's a week or more after that before the observer escapes.

I'm not complaining - Ambrose is headed toward some major changes, as will be evident in tomorrow's letter to Alice, and it would be an annoyance to sit things out for a week waiting to escape. I was already thinking about how it would go down for Ambrose when I realized I was going to have to land a mile or two from Houplin.

So it was definitely a pleasant surprise.