Journal Entry: December 8, 1915

Just received a telephone call from Maj. Friedel informing me that I'm to receive the PLM in a weeks time. I'm actually speechless, I know that I scored my tenth victory the other day but I wouldn't say that I've been performing my duties at an exceptional level. He told me to keep this to ourselves and he would announce it to the men in a couple of days. One thing that bothers me about this recognition, is how my tenth victory occurred. Manfred, Gustav, and I were up at the line flying our usual line patrol when I spot a single Nieuport flying along below us without a care in the world. I signal the others and dove down and swooped up behind him. I gave him a burst, he bursts into flames and down he went. I don't think he ever even saw us. I teach my men that the front is a nasty vicious place and it will devour them without a moment's notice if they aren't always vigilant. Aerial victories like this still make me a little uncomfortable but I'm sure this war will eventually beat that sensibility out of me. Anyway, can you imagine a grocer's boy getting the PLM.

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