Journal Entry: January 27, 1916
St. Pol-sur-Mer

The last two days have been maddening, I can only assume that the brass hats don't think we are dying quick enough to satisfy them. We were sent yesterday to attack the Hun aerodrome at Ghistelles, which we had never done before, so off we charged like the gallant knights of the sky that we are. We returned only to be told by someone sitting behind a desk that our performance wasn't quite up to 'snuff' for them. So, this morning we are ordered to attack once again. I am reminded of Henry V and his stirring, "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with our English dead." That is my favorite of Shakespeare's works and here I am about to relive it, interesting how life works like that. Anyway, we took off with the same task and just like yesterday our efforts were apparently not up to some brass hats idea of how an aerodrome should be attacked. Fortunately, we were told that we would not have to attack it a third time tomorrow. If we are going to start being ordered to attack ground targets then they must allow us time to develop the proper tactics. I could tell right from the start that we weren't going to be effective. We can't just fly around and take pot shots at things on the ground, that will work. We must develop some plan of attack that will maximize the strengths of our machines. I love a good problem, something for me to ponder over during the evening hours. On another topic, today Flight A finally joined the fray. I've been wondering when they were going to join this lovely little war. I've included a photograph of them actually engaging the enemy.

You can actually see shell casings in the first screenshot. I've never seen that before in WOFF.

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