Dudley Nightshade
Flt Lt.
Petit-synthe, France.

Feb 16, 1917.

Mission : Aerodrome attack

B Flight: Bombardment arm with Rockets and machine gun ammo
A Flt: Cover Flight arm with full load of machine gun ammo

T/O: 1400 hrs.

Results: Target damaged. Sqn Losses: 2 N-17's damaged. 1 N-11 ( mine) had System failure, but landed at Friendly Airfield.

Remarks : A hair raising little flight. Flew under 2 enemy Patrols. Then flew around another Patrol avoiding a flight of 2 seats in a landing pattern. Fired off my rockets and 1 drum of ammo then headed home. Passing a friendly field, my motor sized up so had to land.