Fine batch of reports folks. Good to see everyone has made it to their assignments.

Sgt. Tremblay was tasked today by his CO, Capitaine de Reverend, with two sorties. The first was this morning when he was told to make a few large circles around Lahoussoye as he climbed to 1,500 meters and get a sense of his surroundings. The second was in the afternoon when he was instructed to fly east to the front lines and back to take note of landmark features and such. While the first sortie went as planned the second was cut short when his engine began failing about the time he reached Albert. He landed in a field on the south edge of the city and he and his observer, Sgt. Jerome Fauchard, had a brisk walk into town where they managed to get word back to camp and have a team sent to fetch them and their Morane.

Looking for a suitable field to land in on the south side of Albert.


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