...another one for the Dustbin. Especially sad, because the Just-for-Fun-Character "Friedrich Freiflug", whom I started playing by the DiD Centenary Rules also, to fill out the Bad Weather Waiting Time of my current Pilot "Berthold Bruchlandung", has already got the Blue Max spartasign
...and Berthold's Carreer just began to get interesting: He has already had some Flying Time in the Fokker E1, but his first Kill actually was made after that by a female Spy at the Guns of his Avi C on a Secret Agent Mission (Blechley's Mission Mod is just Super-cool copter ). She shot a French Ace, piloting a Nupe 10 in a fierce Dogfight.
The End, some Missions later, was not very sectacular, but very permanent LOL
I was in the Avi C again, roundabout 15 Meters behind another Nupe 10, whom my Gunner had already shot a lot of Holes into. We were on our Side at Treetop-Height, in a tight Curve at very low Speed, climbing, the Wind was very bumpy...
Well, we were too low, too slow, the Curve was too tight and the Wind was too bumpy. It is hard to make an Avi stall, but it is possible, apparently ;-)