Journal Entry: April 7, 1916
St. Pol-sur-Mer

This has been a strange season for me and my squadron. It has been almost a month since we've last had an engagement with any Huns. As a matter of fact, on most sorties we don't even see any Huns. The lads and I are beginning to wonder if maybe the brass hats have called the bloody war off and just forgot to tells us poor sods. I can't say that I'm not enjoying the peace and quiet, but it is rather odd to fly up to the front and not see anything. One rumor floating around the mess is that the Huns are preparing for some major push and are conserving their strength. Others say rubbish, the sky is a big place and it's easy to get lost in and that's why we haven't seen anything. Whatever the reason, I'm sure this interlude will end eventually and it won't be pleasant when it does.

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