We gave them hell today on a patrol up near St Die. Clarke lead two other Moranes piloted by non HAs. He set up a patrol line between Colmar and Ensisheim and caught a flight of BIIs. His squadmates stayed in tight formation as he dove underneath the Aviatiks. Geoffrey rattled off a few bursts and then the rear gunners of his mates blasted away. Soon he heard the sound of two planes burning and headed to the ground.

He returned to the patrol and spotted another flight headed towards them. He set up position to pass directly head on and underneath their flight of three and soon spotted the visual clues that these German Aviatiks had GUNS. Fortunately this tactic worked and no Moranes were seriously damaged. One Aviatik was downed and claimed by Clarke. The claim was approved and is his first for an armed enemy aircraft.

His squadmates Flachaire and Tessier had claims confirmed too!