Nottingham, May 1915.

Morning Mom
Morning Alfed. You sit down here and Ill get your breakfast.
Ta Mom
Morning Son. Heres a letter in the post for you. Looks all official and such, here.
Hmm, its from London.
Go on then, open it. Dont keep us in suspense.
To Sgt..
Whats it say then?
Alfred looked straight into the fire place with a sort of dumbfounded expression. Both parents started to worry.
Is it bad news then?
What, err no Mom. Seems Im to be a Temporary Gentleman, whatever that means. Im to report to Sandhurst Officers Training School by the end of this week.
Well whats that mean then? How can anybody be temporarily a Gentleman. Youre either born that way or not.
Alfred gave the letter to his mother. A small smile started to grow as Alfred thought about it.
Good Lord! You have to buy all this then. Why its a small fortune. You dont have that sort of money Alfred.
What you talking about Woman, give me the letter will ya.
Alfreds Farther read through the list of things that would have to be paid for. After a deep sigh he looked at his wife.
Well, we have a little put a side dont we. And I know we were saving it for Alfreds future an such, but I dont want someone saying that our Alfred cant afford to be a Gentleman. You dont fuss about this Alfred, if they says youre a Gentleman then you are one.

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