Journal Entry: March 8, 1916
St. Pol-sur-Mer

Today was a shambles of a sortie. Roderic and I were ordered to escort two Quirks down to the line west of Lille for a bit of photography. Everything went according to plan until we arrived at the front and the Quirks began taking their photographs. I really dislike escorting Quirks because they are dreadfully slow which makes it incredibly difficult for us to maintain our position. Because of their slowness, we have to weave back and forth and sometimes climb and dive just to fly slow enough to stay with them. It was during one of those maneuvers that two Huns dropped down out of the clouds onto the Quirks. I spotted them, but we were out of position and before we could get there they had sent one of the Quirks spiraling down. I engaged the Hun the who had just shot down the Quirk. He was still watching his victim and didn't see me pull up below and behind him. One short burst into his engine and he immediately burst into flames and began his own death spiral. I lost sight of Roderic but upon landing he reported that he was able to save the second Quirk and down the second Hun and thereby saving something from the mess.

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