Dudley Nightshade
Flt Lt.
Jan 13, 1917.

Mission Line Patrol.
T/O: 0715 hrs
A Flt: 3 N-11's
B Flt: 5 N-11's and N-10's

Alt: 2300 meters
Loc: Just short of the lines.
E/A sighted: 2 Rolands higher and to the East 1 Dfw to the West Higher still + Jasta 2 a/c.
Engaged: Jasta 2 machines 8 -11 Albatross Type Scouts.
Claims: None
Losses: B Flight 4 Destroyed+ 1 Heavy damage with pilot wnd ( ME).

Remarks: My flight leader turned a 180 and led us into the furball. I was tail end Charlie and saw my Leader and his #2 get the chop then 2 e/a were on me firing and weaving. I got off Pot Shots of 40 rds no hits but helped to keep them off me. Finally one of them hit me ( Wnd) then his wingmate got my motor with a bust. I spun in to low level and forced landed on out side as they flew back to Hun land. Off to the Hospital till the 20th.