Journal Entry: May 18, 1915

I made it from Koln to Bertincourt the other day. It was a very long and monotonous flight and much to my amazement, I didn't get lost. I arrived around lunchtime and was quickly ushered into Hauptmann von Schoenebeck's office. I smartly came to attention and stood ramrod straight as I gave him my orders. He glanced at my orders and began a close scrutiny of me, which was very unnerving. I should add that I come from a middle class family and Jasta 1 is an exceptional Jasta filled with only the best that Germany has to offer, I was very concerned that I wouldn't be accepted. Well, as I stood there starting to sweat, Hauptmann von Schoenebeck began to stare intently into my eyes which only made me more nervous. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, he broke the silence and stated, "I see from your papers that you come from Schwemmelsbach, what does you father do there?" "He is a grocer, Herr Hauptmann.", I answered and feared what was to come next. I didn't have long to wait, for the dreaded "I see" came next, so that was it. He looked up at me and said, "You know what Auge? I don't care what your father does, I don't really even care where you come from, all I care about is can you fly and can you follow my orders. Well, can you?" "Yes, sir." I stammered. "Good, we are a close knit group of fliers and we work as one. We don't have time for the inane social conventions that you were accustomed to back home. You will find that as long as you do your job competently, you will fit right in, understood?" he said. "Yes, sir" I answered. "Now get out of my office." he barked and I turned and left as quickly as I could. He was correct, none of the other men even asked about my history, all they wanted to know was what I've flown and how many hours did I have. I think I'm going to like it here.

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