Journal Entry: March 13, 1916
St. Pol-sur-Mer

I feel like I've lost my right arm. Ronald, my dear friend and wingman was killed today during an engagement with four Aviatiks. The deadly trio of Roderic, Ronald and myself were patrolling down near Loos when I spotted a large flight of Aviatiks flying along over our side of the lines. I signaled my two mates and they naturally turned toward the Aviatiks and began to climb. It wasn't long before we began to engage the Huns and after a couple of bursts I had one of them turning for home. As I swung around to begin another attack run, Roderic quickly closed and applied the coup-de-grace to my Aviatik. Somehow, in the engagement I lost track of Ronald but since we were over our lines I thought maybe he had turned for home. Roderic sent the last Aviatik plunging and we ourselves turned for home. It wasn't until we landed that Roderic gave me the full story on what happened to Ronald. It seems that Ronald had accounted for two of the Aviatiks himself, but as he was dispatching the second, he began to spin towards the ground right after the Aviatik. I can only surmise that the observer right before his own death must have hit Ronald and brought him down with him. I should have known this would eventually happen, everyone that I've grown close to or developed any type of teamwork with has died. Ronald, I will miss your quick wit, ready laugh at a stupid joke, and your amazing flying skills. Ronald had scored 15 victories himself and the squadron won't ever be the same without you. Rest well my good friend and wingman.

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