Dudley Nightshade
Flt Lt.

Jan 8, 1917.

Mission: Lines Patrol

B FlT: 4 N-10's
A Flt: 4 N-11's

T/O: Dawn

Alt: 2400 Meters

E/A: 2 Seat Types Also sighted and Engaged 8 Albatross Type Scouts
Loc: Our side of Lines in our sector.

Claims: 1 2 seat Destroyed. Losses: 3 Light Damage + 1 N-11 Destroyed and 1 pilot wnd.

Remarks: Lucky to be back. Our flights were between a Rock and a hard place on this one. High cover attacked the 2 Seats. My flight turned for Home when I spotted 7-8 E/a Scouts low and headed for the fight. I broke off and over flew the Jasta leading them away from the engagement. Two of the blighters managed to get up to my altitude and the turning fight was on as the Rest fell away amid the Archie Blasts. Fired off 40 rds but didnt hit anything. Finally, the 2 scouts gave up on me and went home.