Warbird Rising News for December:
December 1
Italy announced her adherence to the Pact of London.
December 2
Bulgarian forces captured Monastir in Serbia.
December 3
Following the retreat from their defeat at Ctesiphon in November, British forces reached Kut al Amara.
December 4
The American anti-war peace expedition of Henry Ford set sail for Europe on the Oscar II.
December 5
The French submarine Fresnel was sunk by Austrian destroyers off the coast of northern Albania.
December 6
The Allied War Council held a military conference in Paris.
December 7
The Siege of Kut began when the Ottoman Army besieged the British-Indian garrison in the town of Kut al Amara in Mesopotamia.
President Woodrow Wilson delivered a war message to Congress denouncing anti-American plotters.
December 8
British forces at Anzac Cove and Suvla in Gallipoli were ordered to evacuate.
In Flanders Fields was published in Punch magazine. It was written by Canadian medical officer John McRae after presiding over the funeral of a friend and fellow soldier earlier in the year.
December 10
German attaches Captain Boy-Ed and Captain Papen were recalled from the USA by their Government.
December 11
General and politician Yuan Shikai accepted the title of Emperor of China.
December 12
Greece conceded Allied demands regarding Salonika.
December 13
The Affair of the Wadi Senab concluded two days of action fought in Egypt's western desert between the Senussi and British and Indian forces.
December 14
Hamadan in western Persia was occupied by Russian troops.
December 15
Field Marshal Sir John French resigned as Commander-in-Chief of British forces on the Western Front and was replaced by Sir Douglas Haig.
December 17
German light cruiser SMS Bremen sunk in the Baltic after striking a Russian naval mine.
December 18
US President Woodrow Wilson married Edith Galt at her home in Washington.
December 19
The Allies started the preliminary evacuation of Gallipoli.
December 20
The evacuation of 83,000 troops from Suvla Bay and Anzac Cove in Gallipoli was completed.
December 21
The Japanese passenger steamer Yasaka Maru was torpedoed and sunk by a German U-boat near Port
Said in the Mediterranean Sea.
December 23
British naval operations began on Lake Tanganyika.
December 24
The French passenger steamer Ville De La Ciotat was torpedoed in the Mediterranean Sea by German submarine U-34.
December 26
The British government entered into a treaty with Ibn Sa'ud, the Emir of Nejd, accepting protectorate status and agreeing to make war against Ibn Rashid, who was being supported by the Turks.
December 28
British and Indian forces at Cape Helles were ordered to evacuate Gallipoli.
December 29
Draft rules were approved for the Inter-Allied War Council.
December 30
P&O passenger liner SS Persia was torpedoed and sunk without warning by German U-Boat commander Max Valentiner.

(From The Great War - Unseen Archives by Robert Hamilton)

"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."