Top Secret bombing run early am yesterday. Target Freidrichshafen Germany, just inside the Morane's fuel range.

Intel has it a new Hun secret weapon is being developed in massive hangars there. Clarke took off at 06.00 with Flachaire and Tessier who were not armed with bombs. Their task was to provide cover in case the new armed Aviatiks were in the area. They headed out a hair south of due east from Fontaine. Two hours later they found their target.

Clarke could tell his bombs hit the massive hangar and Geoffrey rattled off his gun at it as Clarke swung clear and peaked beneath his upper wing at the damage. He was disappointed, the Germans must have hardened it against bombs this size.

He set his compass for west and arrived at Fontaine about two hours later. "We need bigger bombs" was what he told the commanding officer. "Then that target will have to wait until we have a more capable bomber aircraft." was what Clarke was told in response.