Journal Entry: October 16, 1815
St. Pol-sur-Mer

Just got back from five days of much needed leave and it's good to be back flying. When the old man told me that he was giving me five days of leave I immediately thought of going home. I hadn't been home since Jimmy died and I thought it would be good for me to spend some time with the parents. After spending almost a week home I don't know if I helped or hurt my parent's situation and that troubles me greatly. My father seems to be handling the loss of Jimmy remarkable well, I don't know if that's just good old British pluck or if he's just cut from a different bolt of cloth than my mother. Mother on the other hand, is not handling it well at all. She seemed very uncomfortable around me the whole time, it seemed as if there was a dark cloud hovering over us the entire time. I really feel for Charles who, as a typical fifteen year old, is dying to get aloft to give the Huns a good thrashing for what they did to Jimmy. I pray that this dirty little war is over before he could ever join up. I can only hope that the old saying, 'That time heals all wounds' is true for my mother's sake.

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