Well, I'll start with Berthold Brecht, then LOL
...too sad, I hadn't got the Camera running.
On his 2nd "real" Mission, we were over the Lines, taking some Photos of the Mud below us, cruising along at 12hundred rpm in our two Aviatiks, when I noticed a Doubledecker far away and below us, who was heading in our Direction.
I turned Home at full Throttle, my Squadmate followed, but somehow he did not fly as fast as me.
The Problem:
This one Doubledecker brought his Friends, so there were 3 N-10 Single Seaters in Pursuit... and my Teammate had an unarmed Avi B.
Well, none of these Planes are particulary fast, so I had a long Time thinking about the Options at Hand...
Be egoistic and leave these two poor Guys as easy Prey, while my Gunner and I return comfortably? Or turn around and risk a Fight, allowing my Teammates to escape in the Meantime? (Player's Comment: I trained hunting down multiple Ns with an Avi C quite thoroughly in CQ. 2 Nupes are nothing more than Cannon Fodder for an Avi with a good Gunner. 3 is a somewhat different Situation...)
My Gunner never fired one Shot before, so I had no Idea, if he would just pump a lot of Holes into the Sky (or worse, our own Plane), or if he would rock the House.
Below us - on our Side - no Balloon or Ground Support of any Kind, so, no Sense in forcing them down into Ground Fire (Player's Comment: I've got the AA / Groundfire-Settings in Workshop @ Rambo4 / Terminator3)

All in all, it would be a totally silly Idea, to turn around and save my Teammates from certain Death... so, guess what I did biggrin
To make a long Stroy short:
After almost half an Hour (!) of circling around and hoping for my Gunner to place some lucky Hits, one of the Nupes went Kamikaze on me charge