Sergeant Arthur Much
14th January 1916

Flight over from Eastchurch the other day was fine until the engine packed up about three miles short of my new airfield at Abeele. Managed to put her down on a road and the chaps came to tow her in.

Finished up my training with a few circles of the field and a quick trip up to the front and back. Started proper missions yesterday with a reccy patrol. Nice and quiet. Not today though. Another reccy mission. Encountered two Eindeckers over the lines. Caught a few bullets but Sgt. Clinton and his obs, Roland managed to knock one of them down and the other fellow gave up and went home. Clinton and Roland both wounded but had the victory confirmed. Good show!

System: i5 8600K @ 3.6GHz,16GB DDR4 @2666MHz. RTX2080, MSI Z370 mobo, Dell 27" G-SYNC @ 144Hz. 2560x1440