It is such a poor plane that I like to secure as many advantages as possible...altitude, numbers, home turf (know where to run and find archie's help).

It is real easy to fly it with a crabbing motion and not know it, that bleeds speed and there is precious little speed to spare with the Fokker Es, so stay off the rudder as much as possible. I use a twisty stick and have to often check to make sure I'm not twisting rudder input without intending to. Recently I disabled the twist and use a gizmo on my pro throttle for rudder. Next week I'll probably go back to the old set up.

Not a whole lot of maneuvers go well with the Eindecker imho.
I mostly change direction 180 with a half barrel roll and a pull back on the stick. lose altitude but keep speed with this

Not sure of the name... a steep climb and hard rudder as running out of energy at the top, then descend full power is a good maneuver. The AI do this often. Some people call this an Immelmann, some don't. Altitude can be gained doing this, or at least not given up.

It can be turned like a falling winged seed pod with practice. Good trick when Nupes are all over you as it confuses the AI.

It is a difficult airplane to fly, have fun in QC. Watch out for Morane rear gunners! and Nupes!