2 June 2015 Capt. Sebastin Johnson and I were assigned to familiarize ourselves with the area around the airfield. The weather was mostly sunny, with cumulus clouds with bases at approximately 2500 feet. Wind was 8 miles from the NNW. The orders to familiarize ourselves with the area were fairly vague, so we flew at between 1000-2000 feet east toward Ypres and familiarized ourselves with the terrain, especially around Poperinge, or Pops as we call it. From the air, Pops looked to have already had a difficult time of it. The Germans have figured that it is one of our main supply centers for this sector, and have been shelling it heavily. We stayed approximately 3 miles on our side of the front lines. I found navigating by the map to be very confusing, and was only by luck I found the airfield. Im going to have to get much more familiar with the ground around here.

Historical citation: http://www.greatwar.co.uk/ypres-salient/town-poperinge.htm
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3 June 1915 The CO wasnt too happy with our semi-authorized flight towards the front lines yesterday, so this time he assigned us a familiarization flight around the airfield, but to the west. The weather was good, and we had an enjoyable flight, with no problems. On our return, it was announced that the squadron was to turn in the Fe 2bs, and the older Be 2s. In exchange, we were receiving new Be2cs, with a Lewis gun for the observer. The squadron also received two Nieuport Scouts. Im not sure who will get those, but the rumors are that one of them will go to Capt. Hawker. In any case, I know that I wont get one, being only a Sargent.
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4 June 1915 My first operational mission was a dud. I was assigned to fly with another aircraft and bomb the German lines with some 25 lb. bombs. Unfortunately, I had engine trouble almost immediately and had to abort back to the field. However, the other aircraft carried out the mission and returned without loss.
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5 June 1915 My second operational mission was more of a success. I was assigned to the 0500 patrol behind our lines with another aircraft, flown by Sgt. Hoskins. The weather wasnt too bad. It was about overcast and threatening to rain the entire mission. However, as long as I kept below 4000 feet, I could still see the ground and navigate. While the patrol was supposed to consist of two aircraft, Sgt. Hoskins developed engine problems. He tried to land at a nearby aerodrome, but was unable to make it, and ended up landing safely in a farmers field. I completed the patrol alone, and returned to the airfield. When I landed, the CO sent me to Pops to retrieve some parts to repair Hoskins aircraft. I was able to snap this picture of the place:

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