Atwood Litchfield, Izel Les Hameaux in Flanders - RIP July 1, 1916.

After a rough start, with some atrocious weather since arriving in Flanders, Atwood was starting to find his place.
Action with the Hun's had been extremely spotty what with heavy clouds and rain.
Finally the weather started to clear for a bit and Atwood started to show what he was made of.

It was a fine clear day when he started his afternoon mission, leading a flight of three other aircraft.
Atwood was starting to pick up the flow of things and we had started giving him command of more flights.

This was to be a long flight, patrolling deep behind enemy lines.
There was some enemy sighted while patrolling, but they stayed for away and Atwood elected not so give chase with his inexperienced flight.
Just after returning into friendly territory a lone plane was sighted and Atwood gave the signal to engage.
As the flight got closer, it became apparent that it was an Aviatik.
Pressing on, Atwood's gunner scored some excellent hits causing the enemy to erupt into flames as his wings came off.

Unfortunately it was a pyrrhic victory for Atwood as the enemy gunner had scored a mortal hit on Atwood.
Still Atwood managed to land his plane, at a nearby airfield before succumbing to his injuries, thereby saving the life of his observer.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. A. Einstein

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