Journal Entry: December 26, 1915
St. Pol-sur-Mer

I haven't flown for 10 days and it's been great. I returned from a five day leave on the 21st and it's rained ever since. It has rained nonstop for the last five days and St. Pol is a morass. It will probably take a week for everything to dry out. This is beautiful country in spite of the rain, but when it does rain, it isn't fit for man or beast.

My five day leave couldn't have come at a better time, I went home and was able to celebrate Christmas with my family. It was a lovely time of just relaxing with my family, eating good food, and generally just lazing around. Of course, everyone wants to know about the war and I tried to relate only the humorous and positive happenings, no sense in burdening everyone with the reality of what is really going on. I found the common man's reaction to both of my VCs to be rather humorous as well, I hadn't realized that I was now royalty. I'm enjoying this respite, but I understand that it won't be long until the killing begins again and I'll be called back to do what apparently I do rather well, shoot down Huns.

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