Ofz. Alfonse Straub
FFA-62; Aviatik B.I
June 3-4, 1915

I have three missions under my belt in two days and have at least avoided disgrace. I even earned my first kill, some kind of truck near the front lines at Ypres.

On the 3rd we were told to bomb an aerodrome. Leutnant Boelcke led the flight. It was perfectly routine, a fine flight with good men in good weather. Once I thought I saw some enemies - or at least the boys in the infantry thought so for they kept up a steady bombardment. They showed no interest in us though.

My aim was...not good. Actually none of us did particularly well. We returned home happy to have another chance later in the day, but disappointed in our progress.

Hauptmann Holland had me sit out the afternoon flight. As I understand it, only Immelmann and Boelcke went out, and between them managed to bomb one of the French flak pieces guarding the field.

Good enough, says HQ, for the next day we have a new target east of Amentieres. About half way there my engine abruptly stalled out - a leak in the fuel line I later learned. I must have been dripping petrol across half of Eastern France. My aeroplane entered a steep dive and I just barely recovered, coming to a landing at Houplin field.

After repairs I was ordered to rendevous with the afternoon flight led once more by Leutnant Boelcke. We would try for the soldiers at Ypres this time. This is where I bagged my truck and returned home in modest triumph.

Along the way home I saw some of our adversaries. Strange, I feel more in common with them than with our boys on the ground. We exchanged civil waves...

...right before they dropped their bombs on our troops. Rude!

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