Journal Entry: 23 November, 1916

Today, I broke a major personal rule of mine and I disobeyed a standing order of higher command. Fortunately, I lived and since I am the leading pilot in the luftstreitkräfte I was shown some leniency from command, but they denied my claim out of hand. They said you have to suffer some sort of punishment. You see, I am just so frustrated by the Nieuport's ability to out climb us and run away from any engagement they like. Our Albatros are as swift as the Nieuport in a level race and I proved that today, but in a climbing pursuit the Nieuport just pulls away. So what happened was we were attacked by two Nieuports and when they had tired of their fun they climbed away as is their custom. This time, my frustration got the better of me and I pursued. Once I had reached their altitude I began to close the distance on the trailing Nieuport. This poor fellow should not have trusted so implicitly in their tactics because not once as I was closing did I see him look back. Unfortunately for him, once in range I fired a good long burst and down he went spiraling to his death. Maybe just maybe, this will have some impact on their tactics in the future, who knows, but I do know that it felt good to finally catch one of those buggers and teach him a lesson.

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