Journal Entry: July 13, 1916
St. Pol-sur-Mer

Apparently, my idea has been working excellently. As a matter of fact, I've compiled the results since I started this experiment and sent them up to Wing for their perusal. We started June 22nd and since that time the four of us flying the Strutters have accounted for seven Huns without a single loss to ourselves. Obviously, for my idea to work you need experienced aggressive pilots and you need a machine that is quite formidable. Fortunately for us, we have that machine in the Sopwith Strutter. My idea would never work in a unit flying the Quirks, but it could possibly work with the Fees. The other requirement is you need a mixed squadron, doesn't make much difference if everybody is flying the same machine. Until our squadron composition changes, we will continue flying with the most experienced pilots in the Strutters since this has proven to be so successful.

I have heard rumors from Wing that we will be changing over to a pure scouting squadron in the coming weeks, but when asked about a time frame, none was given. Since these are rumors, I decided to say nothing to the men since rumors do nothing but disturb a well operating machine. We shall see if anything comes of them in the future.

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