Bad day for Alfred I'm's why

The patrol had ended. Sgt.Ball and his Observer Cpt. Clark were bombing targets around Ligney-Petit. Nothing spectacular, as the bombs were way off target. After making a target of themselves, Cpt.Clark pointed for home and a nice cupa tea. The flight home was uneventful and soon Alfred started to descend and follow the road to Poperinghe.

A few miles from the airfield Alfred noticed a lone lorry heading for God knows where. Cpt. Clark started to smile, as if he knew what was about to happen. Thus with no protests coming from the front cockpit, Alfred turned and dived for the unfortunate driver. The route wasnt that easy with large ugly trees near the road, but Alfred was sure of his abilities, and so, with the wheels just above the road he stormed towards his victim. Looking over the cowling Alfred could actually see the amazement in the face of the poor driver. By a very small margin Alfred just missed the Lorry while pulling up. Cpt. Clark was laughing, but he was moving his head rather slowly left and right as if he knew something.

A few minutes later and Be2#469 landed, another mission over.

You, that Man!!
Yes Yooou, you orrible little Man, barked the Squadron Sgt.Major, dont move. Headdress off! Attention! To your front in double quick time, quick maaarch! Left right left right left right leeffft!

Alfred wanted to know what was going on, Whats wr---

Shut your cake-ole Flt.Sgt. Ball, youre on charge is you came the reply. The two of them, one shouting the cadence the other looking quite funny trying his best to keep up. They entered B flight office where Lt. Dolly was waiting.
Left right left right left right.. Halt. Left tuuurrrn! Sgt Alfred Ball as requested Sar!

Thank you Sgt.Major came from Lt. Dolly, I see that Flight Captain Mannequin is waiting for you Sgt.Ball..good luck And so, with fear written all over his face, Sgt Alfred Ball went on to face his first, of many, charges during his time with the RFC. The little entourage marched into Cpt. Mannequins office, and with a huge Bang and a damn fine regulation salute, Alfred began to dread what was coming.

Sergeant Ball, do you know why you are here? Let me tell you a little story, one with a very unhappy ending.. for you in the end I suppose. Cpt. Mannequin sat behind his desk and glared Alfred in the eyes. You know why you here?

Well, yes Sir, you requested a Pilot I suppose

Yes, quite true. And have a guess why you are replacing a Pilot. Dont bother Man, Ill tell you why. This other Pilot decided one day that he was tired with military flying and wanted to do some stunting. He saw a car with a few Red Tabs sitting in it and decided to show them how good he could fly. Well he put on a fine display. Any idea what happened Sergeant ?


He put the wind up some General, and then flew his Be2 into a damn tree. The end result was 2 dead men and one of his Majesties aircraft STRUCK OFF CHARGE!! Not to mention the balling out this squadron had to endure because of this event. The driver of the Lorry today was bringing supplies to this airfield. Hes a bit upset and is waiting for you in the Sergeants mess. If I were you, Id apologize and buy him a beer and hope that this incident stays heredo you understand me Sgt.Ball ?

Yes Sir I do.

Good. Youre on 14 days extra duties, 30 days no grog and 14 days suspension of pay. Sgt.Major thank you.

Saar. Sgt. Ball left Turn! Out of the office, left wheel, in double quick time, quick Maaarch!. Left right left right left right Arms Straight! Thumbs pointing forward you Oribble little MAANNN!

make mistakes and learn from them

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