Journal Entry: December 28, 1915

It looks like the rain and snow have finally stopped. Gustav and I flew up to the front to see what was happening and we had the skies to ourselves. Even Archie obliged us and didn't pester us during our pleasant flight along the front. I'm sure if the weather holds then this pause in the war will end all to quickly.

We had a very enjoyable Christmas celebration featuring all of the delicacies that we each love so much. I don't know where Hans found the goose and the other treats but he certainly outdid himself with our Christmas feast. Even though we had a joyous celebration it was still rather subdued because Christmas has a way of focusing one's mind on thoughts of home and loved ones. I don't know how the men found out that yesterday was my birthday, but they had Hans bake me a small cake and they surprised me with it after dinner last night. As if the cake wasn't enough then the men gave me a fine Waterman fountain pen. I have no idea where the men found a Waterman, but I was deeply touched by their generosity. I am amazed at what a tight knit group of men we have become, and I am reminded daily what a honor it is to lead them.

Member and provider of banjo music for the Illustrious BOC