Sergent Allard Tremblay made his cross-country trip this AM from St. Inglevert down to Lahoussoye and his assignment with MS23. It was 8:00 on a beautiful winter's morning and the Morane Saulnier he had been given ran wonderfully as he lifted from the snowy ground. Here was his route.

Climbing into a crisp winter's sky with St. Inglevert slipping under the left wing.

The sun was just cresting the horizon as Sgt. Tremblay gained altitude.

Passing the Fort de Boulogne as he flew south along the coast.

Sunrise at 1,500 meters.

Reaching the mouth of the Somme, Allard turns southeast to follow the river.

Passing Abbeville as he nears his destination.

Through a break in the clouds Lahoussoye comes into view.

Making the long descent to his new home, Sgt. Tremblay had climbed to 2,600 meters through the course of his flight, according to his wrist altimeter.

Coming into land, all was very quiet.

Safely on the ground, Allard reported in and was greeted most heartily by Capitaine Auguste de Reverend, Commander of MS23. Now the settling in begins.



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