Banjoman, Carrick, and Raine - enjoyable reports Gents. Had some time after Allard's dawn patrol this AM to catch up on your latest doings. And as I have a bit more time right now I will report on said dawn patrol.

Capitaine Allard Tremblay and his flight preparing for the first sortie of the day at Brocourt-en-Argonne.

As the Le Rhne warms up Allard checks over his mount.

Lifting into a beautiful summer sky.

Reaching altitude above the front at Varennes.

A short time later the Capitaine dives on a lone Eindecker attempting to sneak back across the mud.

After a well-placed volley into the Hun craft Allard follows it down into the trees near the Aisne river.

He watches as his victim bursts into flames upon impact.

After resuming the patrol another hour passes before the flight runs across a trio of Huns at the front east of Sommepy. The Capitaine latches onto the leader.

Allard gets on the Hun's six and sends two bursts from the Lewis into his prey.

But Tremblay's inattentiveness has resulted in him flying directly over a German machine gun position. His is shredded by ground fire and must break off.

While he is only grazed by a bullet his mount is badly damaged and it is all he can do to wrestle it to the ground. Fortunately it is on the friendly side of the mud. He scrambles out of his kite and dashes for cover as a barrage is in progress.

After getting medical attention the Capitaine is told he will be spending the next several days on the ground as his wound heals. He is counting himself lucky to still be alive, much less up and walking about.

That is one of the great things about this sim. Even after all the countless hours I have spent flying it I can still make such noob mistakes in the heat of battle.


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