Journal Entry: August 28, 1915
St. Pol-sur-Mer

We had quite the brew-up the other day in the officer's mess. It seems that Ackerman felt the need to insinuate that Vix wasn't quite as brave as he should be and wasn't attacking the Huns with the proper fighting spirit. Vix took offense and provided a chance for Ackerman to prove him wrong in the afternoon sortie. No one was surprised with what occurred during that sortie because as everyone knows Ackerman is not a brave man. As a matter of fact, Ackerman is a pompous ass and if I were in the old man's shoes I would get rid of him. I have to hand it to Vix, I believe he handled the situation admirably and hopefully we won't hear too much more out of that windbag. Speaking of Vix, he has developed quite the taste for combat, I must congratulate him on his outstanding performance of late.

I feel like Don Quixote tilting at the proverbial windmills because once more Wing has seen fit to reject the claims of my three fledglings. I sometimes wonder if the bean-counters at Wing are just flipping coins to see whether or not the claim is confirmed or not. Luckily, my fledglings do not seem to be dismayed by the antics of the pencil pushers at Wing. I think I'm more bothered by it than they are, which of course is a good thing.

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