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Thanks for the warm welcome, fellows. And Hasse, great to see you working your historical magic in this campaign. Can I ask what is your first language? I understood you to be Finnish, and if English isn't your first language you are right up there with Joseph Conrad as a literary hero!

Finnish is my first language. I also speak English relatively well, and German and Swedish adequately enough to get by. My French is absolutely outrageous though, with pronunciation worse than Mr. Churchill's, and I also know the Russian alphabet. That was thought to be useful in case World War III ever broke out. biggrin

Thanks for the compliments, and what a fine new entry in Flight Sgt. Keers's journal. He really seems like a fellow who knows how to get in trouble. biggrin

"Upon my word I've had as much excitement on a car as in the air, especially since the R.F.C. have had women drivers."

James McCudden, Five Years in the Royal Flying Corps