Well today was a day to forget about !!

Ohh mannnnn, did I make bad decisions.
Normal easy flight to the lines and back. I thought wed take bombs along and bugger up someones day. Well we went a looking for targets when 5 Alb DIIs turned up. First pass and my formation was ruined. We scattered each for himself. I saw one Be12 with 2 on his tail and another one limping into Hunland. The forth man I never saw. I had 2 on my tail and then 2 Halbs joined in too oh what fun. I gave up trying to help my friends in any way and put my nose down and ran, yes ran, for friendly positions for mg support.

In the end I picked off a lone Alb that was dumb enough to follow me way deep over then lines. So never take this Sim for granted boysyeh might just get your butt handed to ya.

make mistakes and learn from them

I5 4440 3.1Ghz, Asrock B85m Pro3, Gtx 1060 3GB